What are our clients saying?

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betsy, Lakota Schools

Our 30-second spot is getting ready to have its second run at a local theater in February. It will run at the West Chester AMC during our enrollment season. It performed really well when it ran at Liberty Center during the summer & fall. We ran a digital campaign with movie goers in conjunction with the ad – it linked to your full-length version. The digital campaign blew the industry average out of the water every week!  Holy moly! As you can imagine, we’re thrilled with the results of the video.

Testimonial of storytelling ability from Johnson Investment Counsel

Tim Johnson, Founder of Johnson Investment Counsel

The BrandFlick video played a key role in the launch of the University of Cincinnati Foundation’s $55 million capital campaign to fund construction of the Gardner Neuroscience Institute.  David Wecker and his team produced a compelling story for the video, one that wove together conversations with UC Health’s top brass and the poignant stories of three neurology patients.  The result laid out a strong case, on both logical and emotional levels, for the project and why it deserved support.  I would say David’s work surpassed my expectations — but I already had high expectations, and his team met them.

Scripps testimonial of ability to communicate

Rich Boehne, Formerly Ceo, E.W. Scripps

David Wecker is one of the best pure communicators I’ve ever worked with. He has the rare ability to look deep into any subject and pluck from the chaos the most essential and most memorable elements. He carries readers so smoothly that they believe they have found their own way to the heart of the story.

video shooting and process testimonial for CMH

andy riddell, founder, leadership remedies rx, ceo, cmh regional health system, retired

Our BrandFlick truly has been our best advertising and marketing initiative. From that first presentation, I knew we were onto something different. I loved every minute of every meeting we had, as well as the process of shooting the video. New hires have told me how our BrandFlick helped convince them to come work at CMH.

personal branding story testimonial for Graydon Law

Paul Darwish, Formerly Chief Business Development Officer, Graydon.Law

People absolutely love our BrandFlick personal branding stories. Hardly a week goes by that I don't receive a compliment on how interesting they are and how they set us apart.  I can point directly to business that has been generated as a result of prospects reading our stories and reaching out to specific attorneys because their stories resonated.

Cincinnati area foundation shows how stakeholders tell story

Ellen Katz, President & CEO, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

BrandFlick did a great job of telling the story of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s new brand.  Our story-on-video is an engaging blend of terrific footage of our wonderful city with interviews of key players.  BrandFlick does exactly what it promises — it uses its client’s stakeholders to tell the story in their own words.  The result is warm, honest and human.  BrandFlick has helped us connect with our most important audience — our donors.

video production describing internal culture and people centric leadership

Tony Wright, Formerly CFO, Sur-Seal

David Wecker is the absolute best I have ever come across at pulling a story out of people and telling that story on video.  He has done a lot of work for Sur-Seal, producing videos for internal culture (people centric leadership that we showcased a few years ago in Chicago when we won AME award to rave reviews) and marketing external to our customers.  I have seen his work for numerous small and large organizations and it speaks for itself.