BrandFlick has been telling the stories of some of Cincinnati’s leading businesses and non-profits since 2008.


What sets BrandFlick apart is that we take a journalistic approach, tying together unscripted conversations with you and your people in ways that make emotional connections that endure.  We find the shining pieces of your story and put them together in a way that engages, inspires and convinces your viewers that you’re their best option.


About Us


Bob Mills

Directory of Photography & Chief Editor

I’m Bob Mills, Brandflick’s director of photography & chief editor. My work has taken me around the world with Jim Beam, Arbonne International and others. I get a kick out of showing people the great stuff they do that maybe they haven’t realized before because they’ve been so busy doing their work.


David Wecker

Founder & Creative Director

I’m David Wecker, BrandFlick’s founder & creative director. My storytelling background includes 25+ years as a journalist and newspaper columnist, author, radio talk show host and new product concept writer for the likes of Nike, Amex, Disney, Ford, P&G, Kraft Foods, Ethicon and scores of others.


Mollie Bentley

BrandFlick Evangelist

My name is Mollie Bentley, and it’s my job to explain how BrandFlick can make your beautiful story work harder for you than ever before. I love stories about people and how they make their living – and I can talk with anyone anytime about anything.  Come to think of it, I’ve never met a person I couldn’t connect with. Try me.