BrandFlick takes a journalistic approach, using your people to tell your story in their own words. We craft stories to make emotional connections that run far deeper than mere advertising.



BrandFlick weaves together meaningful interviews with you and your people with rich visual imagery to tell your story in a way that comes alive. The result has the honest, authentic feel of a mini-documentary, with emotional notes that engage, inspire and persuade.


BrandFlick Personal Branding stories and other written pieces make it easy for your target audience to connect with your brand because they resonate on a much more personal level than anything your competition may currently offer. They actually make our clients’ websites memorable.

An Honest Representation of What You Stand For


A BrandFlick tells your story to the outside world. Using your people and your facilities, we dig deep to find what sets you apart from your competitors in a way that rings true. Applications include Marketing, New Client Welcome and Video Sales Brochures.


An Honest Representation of Your Mission


BrandFlick is all about engaging your target audience.  We are expert at capturing the importance and the motion of what you do and why you do it.  Your BrandFlick story-on-video can be the tip of the spear for your capital campaign because it will have the power to draw new donors into the tent and persuade existing donors to dig deeper.



Getting the Right Candidates to Sit Up and Take Notice


The best way to attract the best people is to give them an accurate sense of your culture and what it’s like to work for you – that means your story-on-video.  If you’re doing the right things for the right reasons, you have no more effective recruiting tool than your story.



Communicating Your Mission, Vision and Culture


Using your people, we communicate to your internal customers. Mission/Vision Statements, New Employee Orientation, Training and New Initiative Launches are a few applications for the InsideFlick.



Putting Your Best Foot Forward at Trade Shows


BrandFlick can show everyone at your next trade show that you flat-out rock.  It lets people see inside your operation with quick edits, flashy images and from-the-heart quotes that make clear what you stand for, what makes you different and why you’re worth a good hard look.  



Capturing Your Story in Print

We are experts at revealing your story both for key individuals and organizations.  We know how to draw out the people we meet in ways that tells the world exactly what you value, what matters to you and why that is a meaningful benefit to any audience you’re trying to reach.

Company BrandStory

A Company BrandStory is a great way to connect with clients or customers as well as your staff. We help reveal your story and infuse it throughout your brand in applications such as website content rejuvenation, blog posts, sales and promotional materials, new employee announcements and job descriptions.

Personal BrandStory

This is a compelling way to help professionals in crowded fields stand out and connect with prospective clients and customers. After all, people don’t care as much about what school you graduated from nearly as much as who you are, what you care about and why you do what you do. Use your Personal BrandStory for your website bio, social media profile or as an electronic resume.