Your story is necessary to your success because it tells people why they should choose you.  Your story tells the world who you are, what exactly you offer, what sets you apart and why any of it matters.

We help you grow by revealing your story.  Then we’ll infuse your story throughout your brand.

What makes BrandFlick different is that we take a journalistic approach, gathering key points and stories from you and your people to make emotional connections that run far deeper than mere advertising.  We put together the pieces so your story touches hearts, spurs imaginations and connects. 


Your Story Will Ring True

Because we use you and your people to tell your story, it will offer an honest, authentic portrait of who you really are.


We Take a Journalistic Approach

We gather your story from you and those you serve,
capturing the true heart and soul of your story.


We Make It Painless & Fun

Our process is transparent and easy to work with,
with results that reflect the essence and beauty of what you do.



We’ve got some stuff right here you’re gonna love or you can hop over to our Vimeo channel to see even more.

Here, you’ll find examples of our Personal Branding work,
aimed at helping lawyers, doctors and other professionals stand out in their crowded fields.


We will help you discover your brand story, slip it into gear and keep it on track.

We start by finding your story and telling it on video and/or in print.  Then we permeate your brand with it.  We will help you find all the stories inside your brand story as well. 

We offer an array of branding tools – from storytelling-on-video, written professional profiles and logo development to website rejuvenation and original music/anthem compositions – as well as workshops to teach your people how to use and tell stories.

Together, we will give your brand the story power it deserves.


David Wecker


I’m David Wecker, BrandFlick’s founder & creative director. My storytelling background includes 25-plus years as a journalist and newspaper columnist, author, radio talk show host and new product concept writer for the likes of Nike, Amex, Disney, Ford, P & G, Kraft Foods, Ethicon and scores of others. 

Bob Mills

Director of Photography & Chief Editor

I’m Bob Mills, BrandFlick’s director of photography & chief editor.  My work has taken me around the world with Jim Beam, Arbonne International and others.  I get a kick out of showing people the great stuff they do that maybe they haven’t realized before because they’ve been so busy doing their work.



David Wecker is one of the best pure communicators I’ve ever worked with. He has that rare ability to look deep into any subject and pluck from the chaos the most essential and most memorable elements. He carries readers so smoothly that they believe they have found their own way to the heart of the story."—Rich Boehne, CEO, E.W. Scripps

“Our BrandFlick truly has been our best advertising and marketing initiative. From that first presentation, I knew we were onto something different. I loved every minute of every meeting we had, as well as the process of shooting the video. New hires have told me how our BrandFlick helped convince them to come work at CMH.”—Andy Riddell, Founder, Leadership Remedies Rx, CEO, CMH Regional Health System, retired

“The BrandFlick team helped us tell our story in a way that hit all the right notes, weaving together anecdotes, recollections and emotions to create a beautiful and enduring portrait of our family and our business. They brought our story to life.”—S. George Kurz, Chairman of the Board, The HoneyBaked Ham Company

“BrandFlick did a great job of telling the story of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s new brand. Our story-on-video is an engaging blend of terrific footage of our wonderful city with interviews of key players. BrandFlick does exactly what it promises — it uses its client’s stakeholders to tell the story in their own words. The result is warm, honest and human. BrandFlick has helped us connect with our most important audience — our donors.”—Ellen Katz, President and CEO, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

“People absolutely love our BrandFlick personal branding stories. Hardly a week goes by that I don't receive a compliment on how interesting they are and how they set us apart. I can point directly to business that has been generated as a result of prospects reading our stories and reaching out to specific attorneys because their stories resonated.”—Paul Darwish, Chief Business Development Office, Graydon.Law



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