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I can’t believe my luck! I’ve just won my second three-day trip to Texas to hunt wild boars!  I must be the luckiest boy in the whole wide world.

I won my first trip about a year ago in an on-line drawing and actually traveled this past February to the Independence Ranch, some 250 acres situated somewhere between Austin and San Antonio.  It was there that I shot my first pig., which was 152 pounds of feral fury.  This is what that looked like:

David with Porky

David with Porky

Of course, when I first found out I’d won the on-line drawing, I couldn’t resist sharing te good news with everyone I met.  I began hearing from other people that they, too, had won the same contest.  Some of them said they just entered the drawing to see what would happen.  Which prompted my wife to suggest thateveryone who entered won and that the drawing was just a quasi-slick way to get rubes like me to bring along a pal or two, who would then be charged full price.

She was just jealous. Even though she would never in a million years go to Texas to hunt wild boar, she was jealous.

So now I’ve won a second trip, I’m even more excited.  It’s as if lightning has struck in the same place twice, which is never supposed to happen.

You can imagine the thrill I experienced on receiving this email:


 Don’t be jealous just because I’m a two-time winner.  Be happy!